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Windows 10 version release date: Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Windows 10 April Update version will release on April 30, , if you want to update using the Media Creation Tool and Update Assistant, then on May 8, the update will appear in Windows Update.

Usually, feature updates become available starting 2PM Eastern Time. Initially, Microsoft will begin rolling out the update with its new features to select devices that are known to work with the new version, and then the rollout will expand to other devices.

Getting the Windows 10 version If your device is compatible, the new version will automatically download through Windows Update. Windows 10 October Update: Check out all the new features and improvements here.

You can also check out this walkthrough video with all the changes included in the new version of Windows In this new update, the Start menu includes Reveal highlight, which is an interactive visualization that brings illumination to display hidden borders, helps you navigate, and interact with an app.

The places you add will be use to give you traffic updates, and let you easily set reminders when you arrive or leave your location. The update also adds your account picture in the left rail to align the design with the Start menu experience.

With this change, the Cortana app now has more space to provide tips, assistance, and tools to make you more productive. Also, the Windows Update icon in the notification area now shows warnings and alerts that require your action, and right-clicking the icon will give you access to restart, schedule, or open Windows Update.

In File Explorer, OneDrive will now show a cloud status icon informing you the sync state of files on folders. Windows 10 introduces a new Game bar with a new design, easy-to-use settings, and new clock. Options to use dark, light, or current theme color. The experience come enabled by default, and you can enable or disable it using the Quick action button in Action Center, or Share experiences page in the Settings app. You can learn more about Nearby sharing in this guide.

It could be from a previous activity you were working on your Windows 10 device, or another PC, Android, or iOS device connected to your Microsoft account. Basically, Timeline enhances Task View allowing you to pick up where you left off any activities in the last 30 days, as well as activities on apps that are currently running on your computer.

You can access Timeline with the new update Task View button in the taskbar. If you want to remove activities, Timeline gives you the options to remove them individually, from an entire day, and from an specific hour. You can easily do this by right-clicking an item in the main view or inside an specific day and selecting the option you want from the context menu. Windows Hello is now easier to set up.

Instead of using the Settings app, you can now configure face, fingerprint, or PIN security with a new option available in the Lock screen under the Sign-in options link. Just select the authentication method you want to set up, enter your password, and follow the on-screen directions to set up Windows Hello.

On Windows 10 version , the Settings app is getting an overhaul with a new homepage that includes smaller icons with titles aligned to the right. Sections now feature the Acrylic material effect on the left side, the home button is now a house icon, and a lot of other tweaks and improvements.

In addition, when using the light theme the Reveal highlight effect is more noticeable than before showing darker borders when hovering items, but it removes the Border Reveal effect on lists and tree views.

The Display page also introduces a new Graphics settings section that includes customization options to manage preferences for apps on computers with multiple GPUs. Using these settings, you can now configure an application to use a specific graphics processor, instead of Windows 10 deciding for you.

According to Microsoft, this could help to save battery life or improve system performance. You can manage graphics performance for classic and Microsoft Store apps, and once you add an app to the list, you can choose between three different options, including:. These settings will always take precedence over other settings configure in other control panels. However, in some apps, you may need to change GPU settings within the app itself.

You cannot only control system volume and microphone, but you can also select the input and output devices and troubleshoot problems within this page.

You can use the new App volume and device preference page to adjust the master volume to changes all sounds. You can change the volume for Windows 10 and apps individually.

Additionally, there is an option to hide all your notifications, except for alarms. During these times — Sets schedule when Focus assist should turn on automatically. For example, when giving a presentation. Playing a game in full screen settings Using automatic rules, you also get an option to show a summary of the activities you missed during your quiet hours on Action Center. Alongside the new changes and name, you can now right-click the Action Center button select Focus assist to turn on or off the feature in a number of ways:.

Also, with this update, you can delete even more temporary files, including:. The main Storage sense page has also been updated with new options and improvements. The Share experiences page has been updated to accommodate the settings for the new Nearby sharing feature. Within the page, you can enable or disable the feature, configure permissions, and change the default location to save incoming files. Also, the page now includes options to configure text suggestions and autocorrect misspelled words as you type using a hardware keyboard.

This new feature allows Windows 10 to provide suggestions of up to three different Latin script languages without having to switch your primary language. In addition, you can now set the data limit per adapter to help you avoid going over your data plan, and you get the option to restrict background data to reduce data usage.

For example, you can set your device to use a cellular connectivity instead when the wireless network around you is not reliable. For example, the Manage app execution aliases is a new page that allows you to decide if an app can used its declared alias that you can use to start with Command Prompt. This is particular useful if you have apps that happen to have the same alias.

Of course, the Reset and Uninstall options are still available. And you can also sort apps by name, status, and startup impact. In the Advanced options for Microsoft Store apps will now include a new Startup tasks feature that allows you to manage the tasks from an app that can run on startup.

The Fonts page is new, and it provides a new experience to manage fonts installed on your computer. The new experience offers a preview of each font family available on your device. Clicking a font will take you to a page with more details about the font with the option to uninstall, preview size and face, and metadata information.

The properties page lets you preview axis details and variation of the fonts. Starting with version , you can download and install new fonts directly from the Microsoft Store. Simply click the Get more fonts in the Store link, select the font, and click the Get button. You can also use the arrows to set a new language as your default, and perhaps more importantly the interface to install a new language has been redesigned.

Starting with this new release, Microsoft is making languages packs available through the Microsoft Store, and you can set display language and preferred languages individually. In the April Update, Ease of Access is getting numerous tweaks to make it easier to use depending on your requirements. The settings are now divided into groups to help you see, hear, and interact with settings more quickly.

Microsoft is even making settings easier to understand by renaming options and improving descriptions. Ease of access brings common screen settings for faster configuration with the new Display page. For example, in this page, you now have the options to adjust scaling settings, change brightness, disable system animations and transparency, keep scrollbars always visible, and even an option to control notification time and disable the desktop background.

Instead, the shortcuts will be display under their corresponding settings. Also, this page, provides an option to allow the use of a shortcut to turn on or off filters. The Narrator page now includes an option to allow the use of a keyboard shortcut to start the experience. Windows 10 is also adding a number of changes to help navigate between search, list, and main landmarks.

The Audio page is a new page that lets users control system volume, enable mono audio, and there is even a feature to show audio alerts visually. The Keyboard page has been updated to include options to disable the keyboard shortcuts for the available features. Starting with this new version, the Notifications page has been renamed to Cortana across my devices , and there are two additional options:.

In order to review the information, you must turn on the Diagnostic data viewer toggle switch, and click the Diagnostic Data Viewer button to access the app. The app also provides a search box to find specific data, and you can click the menu button in the top-left to access filters and other options. Microsoft also collects typing data to improve next word prediction, spelling collection, and auto correction. The page includes options to filter account activities in your timeline.

You can prevent Windows from collecting activities on your device or syncing your activities to the cloud. The Documents , Pictures , and Videos pages have been incorporated to let you control which apps can access your files. Alongside with the ability to limit the bandwidth Windows 10 uses to download system and apps updates, starting with version , the Delivery Optimization page allows you to limit the download bandwidth that is use for foreground downloads.

The Windows Defender page is being renamed to Windows Security , and now, it provides access to the different areas of security guarded by Windows Defender. Windows 10 is also improving the way you use input devices, whether you use natural handwriting using a pen or typing using the touch keyboard. Starting with version , the touch keyboard experience is getting Acrylic — the new transparent element part of the Fluent Design System.

It now supports the standard keyboard layout for all languages. It expands the shape-writing feature previously available only with the one-handed keyboard to the wide keyboard. The handwriting experience is also receiving a number of tweaks, including improved correction recognition and insertion gesture to add space between words or letters.

Windows 10 incorporates a new gesture so you can automatically commit your text and clear out the text in the handwriting panel. In addition, the gesture to insert space between characters and words has been changed to a caret, and the handwriting panel commits writing at a degree angle.

The new experience will appear automatically when tapping a supported text field, including on search and other text boxes. Also, because this panel is based on the main handwriting panel, you can use the same functionalities. This will help you get the emoji you want easily and quickly. In the April Update, the Lock screen will now show you your screen personalization e. The new update also continues to improve the Windows Shell experience on mixed-PDI monitor setups, language, Start menu, and People feature.

On Eye Control, the accessibility technology to control your computer using only your eyes gets a number of improvements. Some of these new changes include the ability to more easily scroll content, like emails and websites.

microsoft update 1803

Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803): All the new features and changes

I successfully installed KB 6 hours ago from Microsoft Update catalog, as Windows Update did not have it available then. It features the latest LXQt 0. Same thing happened with I already rolled it back as it broke my network and none of the fixes I read about here worked. You fail to produce software that works and your main aim is data mining peoples' computers. How to use battery saver on Windows Update Compliance has added Delivery Optimization to assess the bandwidth consumption of Windows Updates.

Windows 10 update history

For more information, see Delivery Optimization in Update Compliance. With this release, Subscription Activation supports Inherited Activation. It is still too early to upgrade to Windows 10 version but users and admins who upgraded PCs to the new version may want to install it asap to protect the device against Spectre-based attacks. The following 3-minute video summarizes some of the new features that are available for IT Pros in this release. We are no longer actively developing these features and may remove them from a future update. Crna Gora - Srpski.

Download Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803) ISO file

microsoft update 1803

You can also subscribe without commenting. According to Microsoft, this could help to save battery life or improve system performance. For example, you can set your device to use a cellular connectivity instead when the wireless network around you is not reliable. The browser finally includes an option to mute tab that makes sound by clicking the speaker icon or right-clicking the tab. Use the Windows Filtering Platform instead. For more information, see We're listening to you. This after waiting overnight for some sign of life. You Can read the entire list from Microsoft blog. For more information, see Virus and threat protection and Use next-gen technologies in Windows Defender Antivirus through cloud-delivered protection. It has a size of just 1 Megabyte and can be installed on machines running Windows 10 version or Windows 10 Server This site in other languages x. Same thing happened with I already rolled it back as it broke my network and none of the fixes I read about here worked.

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