Pokemon blaze black 2 patched

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Create an account to post a reply in this thread, participate in other discussions, and more! October 21st, Edited December 20th, by Drayano. Croagunk, Electrike and Tyrogue and their evolution lines have been given new level up sets. I can't actually fix the keys not being given to you without a save file, as that's a restriction with the engine. The document and game should now correlate. Mienfoo's evolution level has also been fixed, and Pawniard has had its evolution level lowered.

October 21st, 3: This Hack Awesome I started a walkthrough already on my youtube channel. Hope you can figure out that key bug. October 21st, 5: I'll play it once I beat White 2. Overcome it, and you will achieve the greatest accomplishment of all. October 21st, 9: Edited October 21st, by Aussie Riolu. It's great to see this out now! I wonder, are you going to change N's Pokemon that are obtainable with Memory Link if possible? That includes the Zorua gift. Oh and for that Key bug?

I got them just fine and can use them normally. Also looking at the documents, I'm sorta not happy that Eevee isn't the highest levelled Pokemon in Castelia City so now I can't use Repels to get it out easily. Edited October 22nd, by PokemonGiratinaX. You finally made this hack! I've been waiting for this hack after playing Blaze Black and Volt White! You're the best, Dray!

Can I know where is Covenant Ore? October 22nd, 3: Apart from a superb hack, your work in the presentation and documents is excellent and tasteful. Edited October 22nd, by F1refly.

I haven't completed White yet but I think I just may now: After playing this hack Never mind. October 22nd, 5: Just a minor error. Text gets cut off. In the Castelia gate house, there is another guy with the exact same script where if you get the Rare Candy from one of them, you can't get one from the other It was like this in the original.

But the thing is, that one says Bicycle instead of Shiny Charm. October 22nd, 6: Edited October 22nd, by Blue. Aha, I was waiting to see this hack appear on these forums! Another excellent job Drayano. Oh and another thing, there is an Action Replay code that unlocks the Difficulty Key which works since I've used it on Pokemon Black 2.

October 22nd, 8: Edited October 22nd, by Platinum Lucario. Oh excellent, so in Blaze Black 2 and Volt White Now that's exactly the sort of thing I was thinking would happen in Black 2 and White 2, but never happened. It's time to change the future Let's prevent things from getting bad! October 22nd, 9: Exceeding px height limit Please review and fix the issues by reading the signature rules. You must edit it to meet the limits set by the rules before you may remove the [sig-reason] code from your signature.

Removing this tag will re-enable it. Do not remove the tag until you fix the issues in your signature. You may be infracted for removing this tag if you do not fix the specified issues. Do not use this tag for decoration purposes. October 22nd, It's about time anyway. I've downloaded it, and I am going to start playing it soon! I played the first blaze black and it was awesome nice work: Awesome, my favorite 5th gen hack is back.

Glad to see you're hard at work again, Drayano. I'll DL it, though I'm unsure as to whether I should wait until I beat my current game first or just start from where I am Macho Cow Discord Name: October 22nd, 4: You can challenge Roxanne an infinite amount of times well, maybe not.

I stopped after 4 times. You can do that with pretty much all the Hoenn leaders. Holy poo poo Zapdos! I think legendary scripts are wonky. I saw Groudon on my first pass through the mountain. Also saw Suicune and Mew too. I have 6 badges and haven't set foot in Humilau City.

Didn't see Articuno or Entei though October 23rd, 1: October 23rd, 5: Mine keeps random freeze and Idk what to do. October 23rd, 7: I was just about to mention Zapdos appearing without getting to Humilau City first. Guess somebody beat me to it.

Originally Posted by mikevickvt7. October 23rd, 8: Originally Posted by Pike October 23rd, This would be because of the emulation processing issue in where it limits the amount of RAM used within the program itself.

I haven't learned about programming yet. But once I do All times are GMT The time now is 3: Sideshow Showcase The place to show side-projects that you're working on, for the small yet still big things you want to do, such as translation patches, "" patches, and anything small like that. Page 1 of Drayano Axe me a question, I dare you.

If I'm not mistaken, these are also the first Black 2 and White 2 hacks on offer. So basically, just pick whichever colour takes your fancy! There's a couple legendaries that you can't get until after the Elite Four, but aside from that The exception to this at present are the Dome trainers, as they aren't really necessary and there's no proper trainer editing tool available for B2W2 yet. This has also raised the level curve of the game, meaning you can expect to beat the first round of the Elite Four somewhere in the 70s levelwise.

Most notably Gym Leaders, your rival and the Elite Four have all been made significantly tougher. These can include the level up moves they learn, the abilities they get, their compatibility with Move Tutors and TMs, and even their base stats.

There's a document included that will tell you all you need to know. This also makes Dream World abilities significantly easier to obtain.

pokemon blaze black 2 patched

pokemon blaze black 2 rom pre patched download

Where do you found surf is this game?? Find all posts by Tetra. The ROM editing help section is a great way to find out if certain ideas are possible, and if so, how. Overcome it, and you will achieve the greatest accomplishment of all. Dec 3, Toronto. In addition, there's also a much bigger variety of one-time encounters, mostly dealing with legendaries. Trainers are edited from their Full version counterparts to clear up any inconsistencies done through adding new techniques in the Full version. There's a document included that will tell you all you need to know. Create an account to post a reply in this thread, participate in other discussions, and more!

Pokémon Blaze Black & Pokémon Volt White

Our filtering technology ensures that only latest pokemon blaze black 2 rom pre patched files are listed. Awesome, my favorite 5th gen hack is back. Errors with the wild data have been fixed. October 22nd, 8: I'll admit it doesn't look to Groundish either, but Pignite really does to me. Originally Posted by mikevickvt7 Mine keeps random freeze and Idk what to do. This is to do with the game, though, and is not fixable.

No account? No worries.

pokemon blaze black 2 patched

Drayano Axe me a question, I dare you. Ignore Posts by XsauroxPlayer. BigBisharp Apr 12, You can challenge Roxanne an infinite amount of times well, maybe not. Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Hack. Send a private message to Blue. Also, that tidbit about Emboar's origins with water are interesting actually. Find all posts by LCCoolJ Wilds are mostly the same with some new additions here and there, trainer rosters have been redone entirely. March 30th, 8: I cannot stress how helpful Kaph has been in the creation of this hack; he's been great as both an advisor and a researcher into the workings of scripts in the game.

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